Exhibition ‘Imagine: Reflections On Peace’: Geneva, Switzerland

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The exhibition ‘Imagine: Reflections On Peace’: Geneva, Switzerland

Museum of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent

September 16th 2020 – January 10th 2021

Musee Geneve

‘Imagine: Reflections On Peace’: A photographic exhibition at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, in Geneva that I am part of along with peers; Gary Knight: Cambodia (Wartime and Post-War), Stephen Ferry: Colombia (Wartime), Ron Haviv: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Wartime and Post-War) Roland Neveu: Cambodia (Wartime), Nichole Sobecki: Lebanon (Post-War), Nicole Tung: Iraq and Syria (Wartime and Post-War) and Gilles Peress (Northern Ireland).


My contribution concerned the documentation of Rwanda during the genocide in 1994 and subsequently.

“In 1994 as Rwanda was in, the throes of genocide, I illegally crossed the Ugandan border to document one of recent history’s darkest events. I witnessed a broken country gouged, burnt, scarred and littered with corpses. Twenty-five years later, I revisited Rwanda and found a very different country. A country that carries the genocide with it in its collective memory but refuses to be defined by it. A country once gouged is now full, a country once broken is now whole and scars once obvious are fading. Rwanda’s transformation is squarely rooted in the Rwandan people’s unparalleled ability to forgive.”

— Jack Picone


Below, a précis of photographs of Rwanda during the 1994 Genocide [black and white photographs] and more recently in 2019 [color photographs].


Rwanda during the genocide, 1994. Above Photographs © by Jack Picone

Rwanda post Genocide, 2019. Below Photographs © by Jack Picone






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