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Reportage Documentary Photography Workshops is a series of photography workshops on location in the most fascinating cities and outposts of Asia. Interacting closely with world-renowned photojournalists with long experience in the region, participants take on assignments aimed at advancing their photographic skills and vision. The intensive dawn-to-dusk courses involve challenging fieldwork, formal and informal critiques, editing sessions, evening projections and open discussion. In a stunning Asian setting, participants fully engage with the local culture and environment and learn how to create photographic reportage to the highest standard.

Visit The Jack Picone and Stephen Dupont Documentary Photography Workshops here.



Principal Tutors                

Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont was born in Sydney, Australia and began his photographic career working for Reuters in Africa. He has since covered conflicts throughout the world, including Kashmir, Indonesia, East Timor, Rwanda the Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq. He has received some of the most prestigious and significant international awards in photography today, including the highly coveted Eugene Smith Award 2007.

He is also the author of Steam: India’s Last Steam trains (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 1991) and Lutte, a four-continent project on wrestlers around the world (Marvel). He joined Contact Press Images in 1977 & travels the world on assignments from his base in Sydney.

Please visit Stephen’s website here:



Jack Picone

Jack Picone is an editorial and documentary photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand.

For more than 30 years, Jack has worked in scores of countries, including some of the most dangerous places in the world: Israel, Iraq, Angola, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Soviet Central Asia and Former Yugoslavia.

His clients have included, German Geo, Stern, De Spiegel, The New Yorker, Time, Newsweek, L’Express, Granta, Colors Magazine and many others.

His work has been exhibited and is held in major institutions and galleries globally. He completed a Master of Visual Arts and a Ph.D. in Documentary Photography and is a Visiting Professor at Universities in Australia and South East Asia.

Jack is currently working on his book, ‘Blood & Love” that sweeps across scores of countries during a thirty-year period documenting the peaks and troughs of humanity.

A selection of Jack’s work can be viewed here:

Guest Tutors

On each upcoming workshop event, high profile guest tutors and associates are invited to join Stephen and Jack teaching- affording participants a rich diversity of experience.


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