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Introducing a collectors’ box set of 10 photographs for lovers of fine art black-and-white photography. The images are printed on museum-quality paper and presented in a beautiful handmade box crafted from archival materials.


(Above) Cover of the beautiful handmade box that the prints are in.

The images selected from an archive spans 30 years of documentary photography on four continents, and have been chosen based on their aesthetic appeal to those passionate about the black-and-white medium.

 The box includes:

+ 10 impeccable and beautifully printed museum quality Type C archival prints. Signed (“en verso” in pencil), dated, embossed and inclusive of a brief description of each individual photograph. Print size is 17 x  11 inches.

Thai/Burma Border
“Golden Horse Monastery”,Thailand.2006
“Nuba Mountains”,Sudan.1994

“Kayan Woman” Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. 2005
jackpicone_nsw-shearers-lr_7“The Morning After” Outback New South Wales, Australia. 2001
jp-_pano-rangoon_lr-001“River Crossing” Rangoon,Burma. 2013
jackpicone-pano-dhaka-lr“Banks Of The Buriganga River” Dhaka,Bangladesh. 2013
  jackpicone-art_shibuyacrossing_lr-00“Inclement Weather” Shibuya Crossing,Tokyo,Japan.2013
jackpicone-dhows-lr-1"Riding the Wind” Zanzibar, Tanzania. 1997
“The Letter" Sydney,Australia. 1999

'Golden Sulewasi' Looking out across Manado harbour, several rivers from the gold mining area only 30 kms away flow into this harbour. These rivers are already contaminated with high levels of mercury. The environment of this harbour is ultimately under threat.

“Swallows” Manado Bay, Sulawesi. 2002 

+ Prints are in archival quality detachable cream colored mounts, making framing flexible.

About the Photographer

Jack Picone is the recipient of several of photography’s most prestigious international awards. These include the World Press Awards, the U.S. Photographer of The Year Awards (POY), the Mother Jones/IFDP Grant for Social Documentary Photography, and a UNESCO Documentary Photography Award.

For the past 25 years, Picone has covered wars and major social issues in Asia, Africa, and Europe. He is a co-founder of Australia’s REPORTAGE photography festival, the founder of Reportage (a series of documentary photography workshops in Asia), and a member of the collective SOUTH. He completed a Ph.D. in Documentary Photography at Griffith University in Queensland Australia, and lectures in photography at universities in Thailand, Australia, and Hong Kong.

His work is held in collections at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, The Australian War Memorial, and The State Library of New South Wales, Australia.

Picone’s training in photography was in using black and white film and mastering traditional darkroom print-making. It is a passion that has never faded thanks to the medium’s unrivalled capacity for both subtlety and drama. As legendary photographer Robert Frank expressed in 1951: “Black and white are the colours of photography. To me, they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.”

Born in Australia, Picone is currently based in Bangkok.

Print Sales

Boxed with an Edition of 5. Box contains 10 beautiful Black and White museum-quality prints priced at:

US$5, 495 (exclusive of shipping).


At The Print Room | Boxed Sets


With over 30 years of knowledge and experience as a photographer, I am committed to advising and supporting anyone wishing to buy my photographs or develop a photography collection.

Contact Jack Picone at



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