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Melbourne Masterclass with Jack Picone and Stephen Dupont June 9 – 10, 2012

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On June 9-10 2012, Stephen Dupont & Jack Picone will be conducting a Masterclass in the Michaels Media School. In association with FUJI Film and the new FUJI X-Pro1 camera, this exciting masterclass will be structured as an intensive two day program that will include portfolio reviews, critiques, presentations, films and other activities. This will be the Melbourne stop of an international Masterclass tour!

                                                                        © Photograph by Kathmandu workshop participant Kate Walton
In picture Stephen Dupont (top) and Jack Picone (bottom right) at work in Kathmandu, Nepal during our Kathmandu workshop. Our next week long international workshop will be in Luang Prabang, Laos from 9th July – 14 July. Full details can be viewed here.
Our next two day Masterclass in Australia will be held at Michael’s Camera Store, Melbourne. Please view details and book  here:

Rennie Ellis | This is the show

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Something tells me this will be an amazing show and not to be missed.

Drowning In Their Own Hubris?

In Ethics on January 29, 2012 at 2:33 PM

I agree with much of what Greene says in this interview with  PHOTO RAW  but I think his vitriol about some forms of digital technology is rather extreme. Does using film, digital or even apps (clearly my personal bias is B+W film) in post production really matter? With post production and using apps, the norm is that if the image (if used within a journalism context) is manipulated to a point of altering the content/composition then this needs to be stated clearly in the credit e.g. Photo Illustration by….

Cameras are just tools, it is about a photographers vision – is it not?  Whether a photographer uses a disposable camera (yes, you can still buy them) or a state of the art high-end digital camera is not the issue.

There is enough room in the world for shooting on an iPhone or on a 10×8 Polaroid camera or any other camera you can dream up. Such is the richness and diversity of photography. Genre fascists reduce the world we work in – creatively.

The ugly argument going on in most of this FB dialogue (read it if you are game) is negative and unconstructive.

Are the participants (apart from the few who have made reasonable comments ) in this FB dialogue drowning in their own hubris?

Do they have a one dimensional view of photography and themselves?

Whatever happened to the notion that photography is about the subject, social issues and story telling?


Visual Cliché

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                                                                                                © Photograph at Lunar Park, Sydney by Jack Picone

Mostly, I don’t subscribe to photographers taking pictures of themselves in mirrors. It always strikes me as a bit of a Cliché . I make an exception in this case because this image has a certain, joie de vivre about it and also because in this picture are two of  my long time friends and two of Australia’s most accomplished and renowned photojournalists, Stephen Dupont (above me) and David dare Parker (standing at right). It was taken sometime in the late nineties at Sydney’s Lunar Park.

What picture would you take to Mars?

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Earthrise, Photograph from Apollo 11

If you were to spend 10 years at the red planet, and could take a single picture with you, what picture would it be? Take a look at the 110 answers from photojournalists around the world view here

On the ground with Dupont and Picone

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Kathmandu was an amazing workshop view here 

Our next Workshop is in Bali Nov 21st- Nov 26th. Get a feeling for what it was like on the ground with Dupont and Picone mid-workshop here





The Conversation

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  Nude  © Photograph by Jack Picone

The Conversation

I made this photograph in ‘The Studio’ in Sydney in 1985 . I was young at the time, I think about 25 years of age. Funny, I really did not have a clue what I was doing in terms of lighting and the concept of the image or for that matter, directing the naked woman on the studio set in front of me. I do remember the conversation with this woman and others that followed at the time. They were mostly a little older than myself. They wanted some ‘nudes’ done of themselves because, as one articulated to me, they would be great to have later (in the future) before it all turned to sh#t!

I recall, I thought their thinking was a little premature and self-critical. However, it seemed a noble pursuit, so I collaborated with them to help fulfil their vision.


Kathmandu Workshop Highlights

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When you have a window, please view the work authored by a partticipants on our just recently completed workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I think you will agree the work produced is compelling.

Our next workshop is in Bali 21st to 26th Nov 2011!

Click here


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Chessboard, Bali-on the iPhone. © Photograph by Jack Picone

‘More Money On Fancy Equipment’

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If you want to take a picture as beautiful as this image of this Nepalese child, you can either hope for some extraordinary fluke of light, timing, subject matter and hardware — or you can sign up for The Jack Picone Photography Workshops. Award-winning Australian documentary photographer Jack Picone — who took this shot — leads these intensive , one-week courses for dedicated amateurs hoping to take their photography to the next level. Held two or three times a year in various Asian cities (the next is scheduled for Kathmandu in July 2011), the courses have previously featured guest lecturers such as the legendary photojournalist Tim Page and celebrated war photographer Philip Jones Griffiths. There are no more than 12 to 16 participants at a time, and all are thrown in at the deep end — tasked with producing a professional-quality photo essay by the end of the week. To help them, there are robust discussions, sessions of one-on-one tuition and nightly show-and-tells, during which each day’s images are critiqued. Fees range between $2,400 and $2,700. It isn’t cheap, and does not include accommodation and flights — but, there are hobbyists and those obsessed with photography who spend infinitely more on fancy equipment but still can’t produce an arresting image.

Don’t be one of them.

For more information, mail Jack, and visit

Original article by Liam Fitzpatrick published in the Global Advisor section of TIME  magazine.