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Taking the X/100 for a walk

In Random Moments, Street Photography on April 30, 2011 at 4:08 AM

Forget about the tedium of pixels and megabytes, other then to say, the X/100 has sufficient and high enough quality of both.

Let’s talk about making pictures.

What is great about this camera is the psychology of it. Shooting on the street and amongst an increasingly neurotic (about being photographed) Australian public-is that nobody cares. It is a great advantage in being able to document people as they are, instead of them reacting to a photographer with a ‘house brick’ DSLR.
The images it produces are incredibly sharp even at F2. Noise does not even get on the radar to after iso1600. Time lag on releasing the shutter is minimal, if not at all. Too many features to mention but if I can sneak one in-the Panorama is a lot of fun.

I think it is a great second camera for professionals or a great camera-period-for anyone who loves making pictures.
It is not a compact and not a DSLR it fills the void between both.
There always was a high end small film camera that serious photographers could take with them anywhere even when they were not on assignment. A decade and more after the tidal wave of digital photography, swamping film photography, Fuji has provided the digital version of that camera. It comes in a beautiful and classic retro package with superb build quality.
It has been a long time coming but has arrived.
Firmware needs a serious update, it is quite idiosyncratic but that is a minor minor. It is a camera that takes a while to get to know but once you do know it, you will be very happy that you did meet.
This is the thinking photographers camera.
I will be back with more.
In the meantime here are a few random images made with the X/100 while walking around Surfer’s Paradise….
All Photographs © Jack Picone



In Photography News on April 28, 2011 at 1:53 AM

Not a still photograph and also not video.

Interesting article in The Mail on Cinemagraphs

Visually engaging.




In Photography News on April 8, 2011 at 10:29 PM

Fuji have given me their latest inspired piece of thinking the X/100-well to give my thoughts on.

I feel privileged.

Fuji are different.

Clearly they can’t compete on the same level as the mega giants like Canon, Nikon and the other big boys.

But every ten years or so in a stealth like way, they appear on the horizon with a camera that clearly eclipses the competition. The last one was Fuji TX-1 Panorama film camera. A superb camera.

My initial reaction on ‘taking this camera for a walk’ and seeing the images that it delivers, is one of unbrilded and unfeted excitement.

Seemingly, the X/100 is the nexus between style and substance.

Niether a flawed compact, nor a ‘house brick’ DSLR it is simply unto itself.

Already, I feel (for me) it is filling a void that has long been present since the introduction of digital cameras.

As I experience more with this camera I will be back with some images and my thoughts.