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Exhibition ‘Imagine: Reflections On Peace’: Geneva, Switzerland

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The exhibition ‘Imagine: Reflections On Peace’: Geneva, Switzerland

Museum of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent

September 16th 2020 – January 10th 2021

Musee Geneve

‘Imagine: Reflections On Peace’: A photographic exhibition at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, in Geneva that I am part of along with peers; Gary Knight: Cambodia (Wartime and Post-War), Stephen Ferry: Colombia (Wartime), Ron Haviv: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Wartime and Post-War) Roland Neveu: Cambodia (Wartime), Nichole Sobecki: Lebanon (Post-War), Nicole Tung: Iraq and Syria (Wartime and Post-War) and Gilles Peress (Northern Ireland).


My contribution concerned the documentation of Rwanda during the genocide in 1994 and subsequently.

“In 1994 as Rwanda was in, the throes of genocide, I illegally crossed the Ugandan border to document one of recent history’s darkest events. I witnessed a broken country gouged, burnt, scarred and littered with corpses. Twenty-five years later, I revisited Rwanda and found a very different country. A country that carries the genocide with it in its collective memory but refuses to be defined by it. A country once gouged is now full, a country once broken is now whole and scars once obvious are fading. Rwanda’s transformation is squarely rooted in the Rwandan people’s unparalleled ability to forgive.”

— Jack Picone


Below, a précis of photographs of Rwanda during the 1994 Genocide [black and white photographs] and more recently in 2019 [color photographs].


Rwanda during the genocide, 1994. Above Photographs © by Jack Picone

Rwanda post Genocide, 2019. Below Photographs © by Jack Picone






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Imagine: Reflections on Peace

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Imagine: Reflections on Peace, is a book, exhibition and short film initiative that I and other photographers, journalists and authors contributed to in the hope to encourage conversation around peacebuilding and ending conflict.

The rewards of peace are elusive for the men and women who live in the post-conflict societies of our time. Why is it so difficult to make a good peace when it is so easy to imagine?

That is the question behind; Imagine: Reflections on Peace.

Here is a link for purchasing this visionary and compelling book; Imagine: Reflections on Peace.: