Positive Lives

In Ethics on April 8, 2011 at 10:25 PM

Positive Lives was a global photographic project documenting the AIDS crisis.

This chapter (I completed multiple chapters world wide) was based in Thailand and traces the personal stories of HIV-infected and affected individuals facing social ostracism.

I hope that my photographs serve as a tragic record of the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in Thai society, as well as a testament to the perserverance, compassion, and courage that sustain the human spirit. I took my camera into hospices for dying, Buddhist temples run by HIV-positive monks and an AIDS museum.

I worked in collaboration with the people who appear in my images.

I hope that my essay confronts and questions the fears and prejudices in Thailand that are associated with HIV/AIDS. Via the universal language of images, my intent was to make an appeal not only to the collective conscience of the Thai people and their government, but also to the global community at large.

Please view my reportage here: Positive Lives


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